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Fictional Objects keeps it real with high-quality linen wares Fictional Objects keeps it real with high-quality linen wares

Fictional Objects keeps it real with high-quality linen wares

Don’t let the name fool you – there’s nothing false about Fictional Objects. The linen brand is bringing fun back into the bedroom, creating bespoke bedding with an illustrative touch.

At the end of 2012, Sydney-based designer Emma Rutherford launched her linen label Fictional Objects as a response to her desire to create practical products made thoughtfully – without compromising on the beauty aspect. Emma’s vision has come to life over the course of the brand’s lifespan, resulting in a range of bedding and linen that can be truly treasured and last a lifetime. Emma’s design processes are a nod to traditional techniques, employing hand drawing and collage to create unique patterns and textiles across a range of doona covers, sheets, pillowcases, kimonos and bags. The latest Fictional Objects print is dropping online from Thursday May 3 and features three brand-new patterns to swoon over.

A big part of the Fictional Objects ethos is about transparency towards the manufacturing process. The team works across Australia and Indonesia to produce its limited runs of products, with the making happening in factories with fair labour practices and good working conditions. The Australian-based design team are good mates with the Indonesian manufacturing team, keeping in regular contact to ensure everyone is happy. As for the materials, you can sleep easy (literally) in luxurious high-quality cotton that has a dense weave with a super-soft finish. Trust us when we say that this is the sort of bedding that will make it even harder to get up in the morning, mostly because it’s so damn cute and comfortable.

Ready for the most soft and snug snooze? You can shop the full range of Fictional Objects online.

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