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Join the war on waste with a handmade Planet Cup from Renton Bishopric Ceramics Join the war on waste with a handmade Planet Cup from Renton Bishopric Ceramics

Join the war on waste with a handmade Planet Cup from Renton Bishopric Ceramics

Hoo boy, we’ve really done a number on old Mother Nature with our highly unsustainable habits here on earth. We could depress you with a number of alarming statistics that you may or may not be aware of, or we could tell you something easy you could do to make a tangible difference – we choose the latter. Cutting down on single-use stuff is a breeze, and one of the biggest culprits is the holder of our daily java hit. Swap out your disposable cup for a Planet Cup and you’re already a hero.

Planet Cups are the latest in a line of passion projects from Renton Bishopric Ceramics, falling under the wider banner of the company’s Pottery for the Planet initiative. Renton and his partner Clare Botfield started the movement a few years ago with the aim to both draw attention to environmental causes, as well as raise funds and offer solutions to the problems (check out the awesome Coal for Breakfast campaign for another example). Planet Cups are a proactive step towards reducing waste and landfill, as our eagerness to use and abuse single-use coffee cups is just one of many things taking a toll on the earth’s health. Renton and Clare are passionate about changing this disposable culture bit by bit, stressing that it is our choices as individuals that really make a difference.

As well as knowing that you’re being an enviro-hero, there are other benefits to the Planet Cup life. One of the coolest things about these products is that they are totally handmade and unique – from the pottery wheel to the kiln, each individual cup goes through a lot of TLC to become finished. Whilst all care is taken to keep sizes, shapes and colours consistent, each Planet Cup possesses little quirks that make it different from the next. Renton is a second-generation potter, having learnt the art from his dad at an early age. This passion and history is another element that lends itself to the ceramics – you can see the love in every cup!

Renton and Clare run Pottery For The Planet from their production studio on the Sunshine Coast, as well as a pottery school at Mount Coolum and their retail shop Cinnabar Soul in Eumundi. The Pottery For The Planet online store is in the works, but in the meantime you can hunt down your nearest stockist through the website right here.

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