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This year’s EAT/drink Awards partner is Bundaberg Ginger Beer!

The Weekend Edition has been proud to receive the support of industry partners since the launch of the EAT/drink Awards in 2007. This year’s EAT/drink Awards partner is Bundaberg Ginger Beer, Queensland’s own internationally renowned premium beverage. As an ideal refreshing food pairing and iconic local beverage, Bundaberg Ginger Beer was the perfect partner of choice for the 2018 awards.

A bit about Bundaberg Brewed Drinks
Bundaberg Brewed Drinks is an iconic Australian family-owned business, based in the small Queensland town that shares its name, Bundaberg. For generations the family has been craft brewing a range of premium non-alcoholic beverages using time-honoured brewing methods and the best quality ingredients including real roots, fruits, herbs and spices. Despite the passing of time, very little has changed in the way Bundaberg Brewed Drinks make its beverages.

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Past sponsors include UberEATS, Newstead Brewing Co., Stone & Wood, Absolut Vodka, Yalumba Wines, 42 Below, Sunshack Cider and Little Creatures.

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