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The round-up: follow your nose to the best hot cross buns in Brisbane

This Easter, we’re side-stepping the middleman and going straight to the source. Tell the Easter Bunny his chocolate bounty can wait – we’re heading on a hot cross bun hunt to track down the best baked goods in Brisbane.

Traditional buns
Jocelyn’s Provisions: Nothing beats a classic, lightly spiced hot cross bun. Fresh or toasted, give us a six pack of hot cross buns and our woes melt away. Jocelyn’s Provisions is getting in on the hot cross fun this year with a classic offering boasting fresh fruit, aromatic spices and a moreish sticky glaze.

Crust & Co Artisan Baking: Newmarket’s home of delicious baked goods will be pumping out artisan buns chock-full of fruit and spices. What makes these buns truly special is the combination of high-quality butter and handmade ginger confit, which creates an alluring aroma. These buns are baked fresh every morning and can also be found at Chouquette in New Farm.

Banneton Bakery: For some of the most bangin’ buns in town, head to Banneton Bakery. A refined fruit and spice mix is used for its traditional bun, which is given an orange and spice bun wash before fermenting ­– giving them a great taste and longer lasting freshness.

Danny’s Bread: Baked-goods brainiac Daniel Mikus is offering up some gourmet hot cross buns this year, with a traditional fruited variety made with a sourdough starter giving it a moreish edge. Imagine these bad boys toasted and served with a lashing of butter – try to name a more iconic breakfast. We’ll wait.

Cake & Bake: Jocelyn Hancock’s West End bakery is going all out for its hot cross bun offering this Easter, delivering packs of its preservative-free buns straight to your office desk. These sweet and spicy treats can be ordered in packs of 12, delivered straight to you with a sizeable serving of Pepe Saya butter. A pack of these bad boys will surely put you in the good books with your coworkers.

The Baker’s Arms: Woolloongabba might as well be hot cross bun central this year, with The Baker’s Arms hawking freshly baked buns every day until Easter in addition to a host of delectable desserts and treats.

Hot cross twists
Flour & Chocolate:
Pastry-hunting patrons point to Flour & Chocolate as one of the best spots of get some of Brisbane’s tastiest treats, so it’s only natural to assume they’d have the goods around Easter time. Flour & Chocolate will be serving a traditional, vegan-friendly hot cross bun this year, as well as a decadent black forest variety that will put your corner bakery’s effort to shame. 

SOL Breads: The hot cross bun craze has also seized control of the ovens at SOL Breads, which is pumping out not one, not two, but three varieties this year. First of all is the easy-gest bun, which is great for the health conscious consumer. Another variety is being made with spelt, which is more tolerable to those who are sensitive to wheat. Finally, Wild Breads will be selling a special hot cross bun made on brioche – boasting a fluffy texture and tender crumb.

Couverture & Co: In addition to gourmet chocolate bunnies and Easter wreaths fashioned out of Easter eggs, Red Hill-based artisan chocolatier Couverture & Co will once again be selling its hugely popular range of choc-cross buns. These moreish treats are a perfect choice if you want to spoil yourself rotten but without the carbs.

Dello Mano: Another chocolaty twist on the hot cross buns comes from the kitchens of Dello Mano, which will be bringing back its hot cross brownie! Picture this – a chewy fudge treat topped with a helping of melted dark chocolate. If that doesn’t get you in the mood for Easter then perhaps Easter just isn’t your holiday.

Finiky Fresh Gluten Free: One of Brisbane’s best spots for raw treats and intolerance-friendly pastries can be found at Finiky Fresh – an entirely gluten-free patisserie. Finiky’s hot cross buns are both gluten and dairy free, which means that anyone with intolerances can still enjoy some quintessential Easter treats.

31 Degrees Custom Chocolates: Woolloongabba chocolatier Kaitlyn Fitzpatrick is wooing tastebuds this Easter with some delicious treats. If you have a sweet tooth, get your fangs around 31 Degrees Custom Chocolates hot cross bun truffles – made from Valrhona milk chocolate, a spice mixture of nutmeg, cinnamon and cloves, plus chopped sultanas folded through. You can get a tray of six direct from the cabinet on Saturday April 1.

nodo donuts: This cheeky variation on the iconic hot cross bun comes from the mind of Kate Williams of nodo donuts, and has proven to be a hit every year it emerges. The hot cross doughnut comes in three flavours – cinnamon spiced doughnuts, chocolate glaze and a white chocolate cross ­– and is a certified winner no matter what flavour you choose.

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