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The round-up: Brisbane’s best cheap eats

Rent is due and you are still a few days away from getting your paycheque – but your stomach is growling and you need to feed as soon as possible for as cheap as possible. Instead of hitting the closest drive-thru and settling for fast food, there are plenty of places around town that offer cheap eats that are damn tasty. It’s time to get creative with how you spend your dollars – stretch your money by taking advantage of the following best value for money meals in Brisbane.

Ben’s Burgers: We can’t start a list of cheap eats without first acknowledging the institutions that took out the Best Cheap Eats category in our EAT/drink Awards last year. The public voted Ben’s Burgers as the winner, most likely due to the fact that its burgers are reasonably inexpensive (a burger, chips and beer will only cost you $20) but also because the taste of the burgs can’t be beat.

Botanica: A medium takeaway salad from Red Hill’s Botanica (a runner-up in the Best Cheap Eats category) will last you two meals and only costs $11. Botanica’s bonus is the variety so you will rarely see yourself doubling up (unless you find a sure-fire favourite).

Little Greek Taverna: This West End institution is a popular spot for dinner, with a great selection of reasonably priced meals. A lamb yiros plate will only cost you $12, while a chicken souvlaki pita is only $8.

PJ’s Steaks: If you are craving a delicious cheesesteak but are scrimping by until payday, shake some change loose and hit up PJ’s any weekday for its lunch deal. A freshly made cheesesteak sub, a small chips and a drink will only set you back $13.90, which is a lifesaving deal when rent is due.

Lucky Egg: If you want fried chicken, Lucky Egg should be your first port of call. Tuesdays see the shipping container spot hawk two-for-one burgers, while Wednesday is the day for 50-cent wings.

Heya Bar: If you are meandering through the Valley on a Tuesday searching for cheap chow, Heya Bar offers half-price food all from 5:00 pm until 1:00 am.

Wrapture: If you want a bargain bite that is also healthy, then wait ‘til you wrap your hands around this one. West End’s Wrapture serves tasty wraps that are nutritious and good value. The Olympus wrap (with lemon chicken) or the Zen Tofu wrap (with teriyaki tofu and wasabi mayo) will only set you back an easy $10.

Mr Bunz: Mr Bunz serves up pork and chicken bao buns for $6 a piece, or you can splash out an extra piece of silver for a duck bun for $6.50.

Remy’s: Paddington locals won’t stop raving about Remy’s, the leafy locale that serves up some truly scrumptious brunch and burgers. Did you know Remy’s also hosts Taco Tuesdays? One taco will cost you $3, but you can get four for $10, which we think is a great deal. Every Sunday Remy’s also offers two-for-one burgers, so now you should have a pretty food idea why this joint has such a favourable rep.

Sichuan Bang Bang: This Kenmore spot goes mad on Mondays, when it discounts its Peking duck pancakes so you can get five for $10.

Melt Brothers: Melt Brothers is one of the best places to go for an authentic grilled-cheese sandwich, with the signature Triple Cheese available for just $6.50, or spend a few extra bucks and go for the Morning Glory, which can be all yours for $9.

Archive Beer Boutique: West End locals love Archive at lunchtime, when the bar’s kitchen hawks specials like chicken schnitzels and beer battered fish for just $15 from 11:30 am to 3:00 pm Monday through Friday.

King Tea: What’s better than cheap? Free, of course! Every Friday King Tea in Paddington plates up free pinxtos between 5:00–6:00 pm to get your happy hour off on the right note

Collective Kitchen & Bar: Inner-city lunch seekers should stop by Collective Kitchen & Bar Monday through to Thursday and grab a burger with chips or salad and soft drink for $17. Tuesdays also see the kitchen pumping out rotating specials and pizzas for $14 a pop, which goes well with some free trivia.

Coyotito: The taco loving doesn’t stop, with Coyotito also throwing its hat in the ring for your patronage on Tuesdays. All tacos are $5 at this Eagle Lane eatery all day on Tuesday, which means you’ll have some change left over for a cheeky frozen margarita.

The Fox Hotel: South Brisbane’s iconic pub is a great space to get a feed for a low fee. All pizzas at the Trocadero Long Bar and Dandy’s Rooftop are $9.90 each, but that price drops to $4 each during 12:00–2:00 pm Monday through to Saturday, 6:00–8:00 pm Monday through Thursday and all day on Sunday. Oh, and the Trocadero Long Bar also served $5 burgers and chips from 6:00–8:00 pm Monday through Thursday, 12:00–2:00 pm on Thursday lunch and 12:00–4:00 pm on Saturdays. Just so you know.

Miss Kay’s: If you have a few dollars to spend on breakfast in the city, Miss Kay’s offers a handy breakfast burger for what amounts to loose change.

Banoi: If you are looking for a well-priced lunch option near Bowen Hills, Banoi’s lunch sets are your best bet. For $15 you can get a beef pho cup, a pork banh mi half, three spring rolls and a kumquat lemonade. How good!

Super Whatnot: Tucked away on Burnett Lane, Super Whatnot serves some great cheap eats with its $11 Nachos Locos and its $13 chilli cheese dog.

Mrs Luu’s Vietnamese Canteen: $8 for a banh mi is nothing to sniff at, especially when it is filled with Vietnamese porchetta, barbecue pork or pan-fried tofu.

Tippler’s Tap: Honestly we could populate a list this long with Taco Tuesday deals, but we’re going to stick with the best. Every Tuesday Tippler’s Tap offers $2 tacos from 5:00 pm, which so mind-bogglingly amazing that we’ve made the bar our unofficial home.

The Vietnamese: Dining in or takeaway – $10 for a filling rice vermicelli salad is undeniable value, and don’t even get us started on the gargantuan bowls of pho, which are also $10. Hoo boy – it’s a delight.

The Apo: Steak frites isn’t typically a meal you can find around town for cheap, but if you and a mate are craving a meat and carb combo, then head to The Apo every Tuesday where you can get two-for-one steak frites with a drink purchase from 3:00 pm until late.

New Shanghai: This Queens Plaza destination is great for bite-sized goodies. Inhale bulk dumplings until you are stuffed with 10 pieces for less than $13.

Bloodhound Bar: This venue should be renamed to the Bargain Bar, because the deals are out of this world. On Mondays the kitchen dishes up meals for $10 with any drink purchase and on Tuesdays you can scoff down two-for-one tacos all night long.

NoNo’s: Red Hill’s Lebanese food haven is perfect for an inexpensive lunch. Grab a falafel kebab for $8.50 and a sweet treat to go for less than $3.

Pit Boss American BBQ & Eats: We go wild for wings, and we go even wilder on Wednesday at Pit Boss. This American-style eatery serves up $1 wings every hump day at its Coorparoo and Newmarket stores.

Bagel Boys: The humble bagel is a great choice if you are a) in a hurry, b) broke and c) hungry. Breakfast or lunch, Bagel Boys has got you – no filled bagel on its menu will cost you more than $10 and a bagel with a cream cheese schmear is only $5.

King Ahiram: Fancy a wrap? King Ahiram in West End whips up some of the best, cheapest parcels in town (try the falafel kebab, trust us) while also offering a range of other goodies to sink your teeth into.

Govinda’s: If you are looking for something filling and nourishing, while still being easy on the wallet, Govinda’s is the place to be. Enjoy all you can eat and drink for $12.90.

NeNe Chicken: You’ve heard the phrase ‘cheap as chips’, well we’d like to put forward ‘cheap as chicken’ as a nice alternative. NeNe Chicken is a great spot to get a cluckin’ good snack, with a serve of original chicken available for $9.95. If that’s not enough, a chicken burger will cost you a tenner, while the chicken tenderloin wrap is only $8.

Red Hook: You can get a cheap feed at inner-city joint Red Hook if you bring a friend on Thursdays. The Thursday Double Down allows you and a pal to enjoy a Brooklyn cheeseburger and a serve of fries each for $25 total. Phoning a friend has benefits!

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