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Crude food – Shannon’s Kitchen adds a splash of silliness to home cooking Crude food – Shannon’s Kitchen adds a splash of silliness to home cooking

Crude food – Shannon’s Kitchen adds a splash of silliness to home cooking

Gordon Ramsay, eat your heart out! Shannon Kelly White is a new breed of chef that isn’t afraid to keep it real and drop a few f-bombs in the kitchen every now and then. Hailed as ‘the Donna Hay of not giving a fuck’ and self-described as a dickhead, this incredibly popular food blogger has been taking the piss out of food fads for a while, and is now beating the bullshit with her new profanity-laden cookbook. Shannon’s Kitchen is about giving you recipes that are healthy and nutritious without the pretence.

Before we get started, you must be warned – this cookbook isn’t for the fainthearted. Shannon does not hold back. Like, ever. Nurse-turned-foodie blogger Shannon Kelly White of Shannon’s Kitchen doesn’t believe in superfoods, detoxes or diets – she believes in cooking well with good ingredients. Shannon has recently gifted the world a brand-new cookbook, with a down-to-earth approach to recipes for food you’d actually want to eat ranked by how many fucks you have to give (we’re serious), paired with heart-warming and gut-busting stories about stiffies, nipple erections and, well, shitting your pants.

Shannon’s not wasting any time when it comes to giving you the details. Shannon’s Kitchen’s 60-odd recipes are divvied up simply and directly into ‘breakfast shit’, ‘salady shit’, ‘fishy shit’, ‘veggie shit’, ‘chicken shit’, ‘meaty shit’, and ‘snacky and sweet shit’. The meals themselves are fair dinkum and honest – a quick gander at the contents will reveal dishes including ‘Feeling Like Shit Chicken Soup’, ‘Honey Prawns (Sugary as Fuck), ‘Pulled Pork for Pisspots’, ‘How I Cook a Grouse Steak’ and ‘Easy as Fuck Chocolate Cake’. If you want no-bullshit recipes told with humour and can handle a few dick jokes, then Shannon’s Kitchen is a must-have for your cookbook collection (just don’t let the kids read it).

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