The Weekend Edition - Sleep In. Slow Down. Enjoy.

Gavin Bannerman

Gavin Bannerman

Cycling enthusiast and archivist
Scott Shearer

Scott Shearer

Environmental, urban and social planner/researcher
Mike Makras

Michael Makras

Glasses aficionado

Rebecca Kell

Rebecca Kell

Arranger of floral stems
Fiona Neale, Issada Cosemetics

Fiona Neale

CEO and Founder
Jess Barty, Sunday Social

Jess Barty

Shop girl
Natalie Parish, Scavenger Bags

Natalie Parish

Mixed Media and Jewellery Artist
Shannon Logan, Jet Black Cat Music

Shannon Logan

Record Store Owner

Barbara Heath, Jeweller to the Lost

Barbara Heath

Artisan Jeweller
Akira Isogawa

Akira Isogawa

Fashion Designer

Leo Yip

Industrial Designer
Julie Tijandra

Julie Tjiandra

Food and cook book hoarder
adele frost

Adele Frost

Thea Basiliou, Blonde Venus

Thea Basiliou

Arbiter of style
Madeline Veenstra

Madeline Veenstra

Fashion Lover/Entrepreneur
Erin Lightfoot

Erin Lightfoot

Artist and designer
sian williams

Sian Williams

Helping old books find new homes
Fara Sutjipto

Fara Sutjipto

Owner of Denim Co.
Fiona Stager

Fiona Stager

Co-owner and book nerd at Avid Reader
andrew byrne

Andrew Byrne

Purveyor of impeccable style and service
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