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Dining by design – Martha St Village looks to locals for retail suggestions Dining by design – Martha St Village looks to locals for retail suggestions

Dining by design – Martha St Village looks to locals for retail suggestions

Any local politician or development company will tell you, swaying public opinion is one of the toughest parts of the job. We’re fiercely protective of our neighbourhoods, so much so that we’ve got no problem voicing our opinion when any new arrival sets roots in our cul-de-sacs. Marquee Developments – the team behind new development Martha St Village – has decided to include the Coorparoo and Camp Hill populace in its decision making, inviting community input on what restaurants, cafes and bars should feature in the precinct’s retail line-up.

The trendy suburban tandem of Coorparoo and Camp Hill has seen a lot of growth in recent years, but few new arrivals have gotten tongues wagging as fiercely as Martha St Village. Sitting close to Camp Hill’s booming dining hub (home of Martha Street Kitchen, Ze Pickle, Blackbird Espresso and more), Martha St Village is a new mixed-use development that is taking inspirational cues from the locals to help flesh out a few details. Marquee Developments has just launched a ‘Design Your Village‘ campaign, which is collating feedback from locals in what type of retail offering will be available upon completion. So far, the campaign has seen a mix of suggestions, including the likes of a grocer and deli, a wine bar, a sushi bar, a gourmet bakery, a beauty salon and a florist.

In addition to the mixed retail and dining offering, Martha St Village will also be home to 13 Hamptons townhouses and six three-bedroom units, each fully equipped with modern amenities and appliances, Tracy Madden-designed interiors, and stylish indoor and outdoor entertaining spaces. Construction is on track to commence in mid-2018, but the campaign is set to continue for the next few months, so locals are encouraged to table more suggestions for their desired retailer. To register your interest or to see how the Design Your Village campaign eventuates, head to the Marquee Developments website.

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