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Bubbles sans booze – Lyre’s releases non-alcoholic sparkling for hangover-free sipping

Bubbles sans booze – Lyre’s releases non-alcoholic sparkling for hangover-free sipping

More and more Australians are choosing to go booze free for an assortment of reasons. Some are doing it for the health benefits, others are simply taking a break before or after seasonal celebrations. Whatever the motivation might be, abstaining from alcohol is easier than ever thanks to the multitude of temperance-friendly tipples popping up on the market. One of the biggest names in intoxicant-free imbibing is adding another beverage to its product range. Introducing Lyre's Classico Grande sparkling – a fizzy sip perfect for those revelling in moderation.

With summer on our doorstep, we’re all mentally preparing for wedding, picnic and festive celebrations. As fun as it all is, it can take a toll on our bodies – especially if we’re knocking back a few at every occasion. Party fatigue is a real thing, which is why people are opting for drinks that are lighter on the grog in order to make the most of each event without turning into a shrivelled, hung-over husk. The range of alcohol-free options is become increasingly diverse over recent years and a lot of credit for this shift can be attributed to Lyre’s. The brand’s sauce-free spirits and cans of ready-to-drink products can be seen in bars and on bottle-shop shelves with increasing regularity, and now the brand is venturing into the realm of wine with its own take on Italian sparkling wine, dubbed Classico.

Those with a penchant for popping bottles will get a kick out of this festive fizz. Lyre’s flavour architect David Murphy has nailed a recipe that boasts a grape, peach, Granny Smith apple and melon-infused aroma, a suitably dry finish, and effervescent mouth feel. While the Lyre’s crew suggest that sippers enjoy Classico chilled and served in flutes or coupettes, adventurous folk are also encouraged to pair the drink with Lyre’s Italian Spritz, soda and orange to create a sensational (and sting-free) spritz. Classico is available in 750-ml bottles and 250-ml RTD cans from Lyre’s online store and Sans Drinks, as well as in David Jones stores. 

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